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Alliance Rules Empty Alliance Rules

Post  The Wrath Of Odin on Thu Apr 09, 2009 8:47 pm

The Rules

Alliance Rules:

1. No Spamming or Selling overpriced items
2. Be Kind in alliance chat as in No Swearing, no degrating such as comments about the opposite sex or homosexuals and finally no racist comments.
3. No Guild hopping if you do want to switch to another guild then you need to contact both guild leaders and the guild leaders have to agree before. If this rule is ignored the person who hopped will get kicked and the person/guild who recruited will get a warning or get kicked.

Vent Rules:

These rules are the same as the alliance chat rules but the swearing rule is a lot less strict
Just watch your language if you know there is a younger person there and respect peoples opinions.

More Rules will come as they are needed.
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