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Post  master riskk on Mon Jun 07, 2010 7:20 pm

Hey for anyone who might actually read this I'm the smuck that got handed the guild leader position. That being said, if anyone wants to suggest someone else as being better as a guild leader or anything at all, I won't mind handing over the reins if that person has some free time for it or thinks they can do a good job. Otherwise, until then I suppose y'all are stuck with me. If you're wondering why I got picked as guild leader then your guess is as good as mine, all I know is I opened up the guild tab, saw it and when I put my mouse over my name it said something along the lines of auto-designated as guild leader by guild wars, so yeah I've got no clue. In game I play Master Riskk, Necrom Starr, and a couple other guys less often, but y'all can call me Noah or anything else you would like to.

Now, regardless of whether someone wants a new GL or not I think this would be a good time to start trying to spice things up a bit and get things back to being more of a fun guild. If anybody's got some ideas please post them here and start talking to any guildies you see online and we'll try to get things rolling. We could start recruiting again or try to make due with what we have, I just want to try and get an idea of what everyone thinks before trying to do things alone. So anyway, I hope this was short enough to not bore you to death, and maybe someone will actually read it, but please make any suggestions you think of and we can move from there.
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