Zaishen quests: subscribe to join the alliance groups!

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Zaishen quests: subscribe to join the alliance groups! Empty Zaishen quests: subscribe to join the alliance groups!

Post  Guest on Tue Apr 28, 2009 2:46 pm

ok, first of all, some rules for this forum:
One post for every subscription. Don't post any irrelevant things here, just edit your post.
Your post should look like this:
In-game name: (fill in the name of the character(s) you need the quest on)
Quest: (fill in the quest or multiple quests you want to do)
Time: (fill in the time you can be online)
desubscribe: (fill in the name of the gaps) <-- this is for when you subscribed for a quest, but you've done it, don't just remove it in the quest line!

Ok, here is the list of quests:
Ziashen Mission:
- Blood Washes Blood
- Blacktide Den
- Thunderhead Keep
- Raisu Palace
- The Elusive Golemancer
- Ring Of Fire
- Consulate Docks
- Divinity Coast
- Nahpui Quarter

Zaishen Bounty
- Kanaxai
- Molotov Rocktail
- Harn and Maxine Coldstone
- Rragar Maneater
- Commander Wahli
- Kunvie Firewing
- The Stygian Lords
The Mad Old Warrior
- Kepkhet Marrowfeast
- Chung, The Attuned

Zaishen Combat
- Guild versus Guild
- Alliance Battle
- Team Arena
- The Jade Quarry
- Heroes' Ascent
The Mad Old Warrior
- Hero Battles (can't subscribe)
- Random Arena (can't subscribe)
- Heroes' Ascent (second time)
- Fort Aspenwood (can't subscribe)

If this list is not complete, check this for a more complete list:


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